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Welcome to Sion Vocal Studio

By Meghan Rayner


Hey, I'm Meghan

I am the founder of the Vocal Coaching business Sion Vocal Studio and I am so excited to offer you one to one Vocal Coaching! I am a qualified Vocal Coach and am Estill trained at the Royal Academy of Music. I am able to teach Vocal Technique and coach in repertoire, performance and stamina.

Whether you are a graduate breaking into the theatre industry, a student preparing for auditions or someone who wants to use their voice as an empowerment tool. I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist you on this exciting journey.

I work with various singers, speakers and creatives to help them with their voices and their performance mindset. I have created my own approach to training the voice, crossing Science, Holistic Mindfulness and Estill based training into one. 

I am here to support you. Let's set your voice free!

My Services

Love your voice, you know you want to!


60 mins - £65
30 mins - kids only £35


60 mins - £65
30 mins - kids only £35


Working with Meghan is a dream. She is not only the most supportive coach but also the greatest person. Her coaching is so intricate and personalised, which makes sessions even more enjoyable. I’ve always struggled with my confidence but since starting sessions with Meghan I’ve flourished so much. I found the process of auditioning for college very difficult and stressful but with Meghan I always felt supported. There have been so many times when I’ve had a rough day and gone into a session and automatically felt a feeling of relief and freedom to just be me. Meghan is such a beauty to be around, whether that be online or in person and she has never failed to make me smile. Also, alongside being my coach she has also become a dear friend along the way and I feel I can always reach out to her. She always pushes me to be the best version of myself and step out of my comfort zone which has led me to achieve so much more since being with her. The energetic atmosphere she creates in lessons alongside her ability to motivate me and push me to succeed is the reason why I can’t rave about her enough.

Nell Johnston

Book a complimentary Vocal Discovery Chat

This is YOUR chance to get to know me and how I work ... and it’s MY chance to get to know you and get an understanding of your Vocal Goals!

We will incorporate a few custom vocal exercises to see where you’re at. It is a very relaxed 15 minutes and really just a chance to have a little chat before you book any sessions or programs.

Thanks for being here!

Meghan 💫🎤

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